How does it work?

You have received a Voucher with personal login details from your employer.

Enter your personal email address and password on the access page to enter the website.

On this website you can take a look at your leisure, obtain additional information about the product range and ultimately decide what your year-end gift this year will be. The gift will be delivered at the address you provide.

Why can I not log in?

Have you typed your login correctly?

Did you check the validity of your data on the voucher card?

Did you download the latest version of your browser?
We support versions:
• Chrome 30 or higher
• Edge 11 or higher
• Firefox 24 or higher
• Safari 7 or higher.

Do you have an adblocker or firewall on that does not accept cookies?
You can check this as follows:

In Firefox:
• Click in the browser on the menu item 'Edit';
• Click there on the 'preferences' menu item;
• Click then on the drop-down item "Advanced";
• Go to the section on Cookies;
• Select the option 'accept all cookies' with the extra option 'alert me',
• Click OK.

Cookie settings in Google Chrome: to check Google Chrome browser accepts cookies or to get it to accept, the following should be done:
• Click in the browser on the leaf icon (dashes);
• Choose options;
• Scroll down and click Show advanced settings;
• Under the heading Privacy, click on content settings under Cookies;
• Select 'allow'.

Cookie settings in Safari: to check Safari browser accepts cookies or to get it to accept, the following should be done:
• Select the option 'Safari' in the menu;
• Select the option 'preferences';
• Select the 'security' tab;
• Under "accept Cookies" you can turn on Cookies.

What do I do if I have lost my login details?

Please contact our helpdesk through the contact form. When your login details have been made we will send you this by e-mail. When your employer has chosen to not personalize the login credentials than  we verify your information with your employer. Once this has been verified and approved, we will send you new login details. Please list the name of your employer in your e-mail.

Dit the answers above solve your problem?

Is the answer to your question not here, please fill out the form or contact our helpdesk by phone. The helpdesk can be reached on telephone number 0524 221411 (local rate). The helpdesk is available Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m, on Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. ,Please keep your login details at hand.

Is the answer not listed?

Please ask your question here.