What do the sustainability labels depicted mean?

Many products come with one or more sustainability labels. These labels indicate that the product you are looking at is a sustainable or social product. By choosing a product with one or more labels, you contribute to a better world. A nice gift for you and also nice for people and the environment!

If you click on a product with one or more labels, you will see in the product description what kind of sustainable or social product it is. What each label means is explained below:

Sustainability label “Circulair” (Circular)
Circular products are made from recycled raw materials, reusable parts or the product itself is recyclable. The principle is that materials and products are shared, rented, repaired, leased, reused and recycled for as long as possible so that the value is retained for as long as possible.

Sustainability label Social return
This product is made by people with a (greater) disadvantage to the labor market.

Sustainability label Made in Holland
The product was produced in the Netherlands, so it does not have to be transported far.

Sustainability label Fairtrade|
By fair trade, we mean trade with producers in developing countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America under fair trade conditions. The aim is for farmers and other suppliers in these countries to receive a fair reward for their product.

Sustainability label “Biologisch”(Organic)
Organic products are grown without the use of artificial fertilizers, chemical pesticides and genetically modified organisms. The farmers and growers choose to let nature do its work as much as possible, intervening as little as possible.

Sustainability label “Gezonde Levenstijl” (Healthy lifestyle)
Products that encourage a healthy lifestyle and/or eating habits. A healthy lifestyle gives people a better quality of life, enabling them to participate fully in society.

Sustainability label Low impact
To produce a low impact product, (unnecessary) use of raw materials is kept to an absolute minimum in order to leave the smallest possible ecological footprint. More responsible and recycled materials are used for its production and these materials are traceable.

Sustainability label “Lange Levensduur” (Long life)
This product has improved quality to last longer. A product that lasts a long time does not need to be replaced. And that prevents strain on the environment.

Sustainability label Certified B Corporation
The B Corp certification is an international certification for profit-driven companies that have a major, positive impact on people and the environment. These companies - small and large - have made sustainability a permanent part of their DNA and know how to create value in multiple ways.

ISO 14001 certificate

We are ISO 14001 certified . ISO 14001 is a globally recognized standard with requirements for an environmental management system. The ISO 14001 standard requires companies to identify, evaluate, communicate and document environmental aspects.